Steve Quam Parkinson’s Push 2017

Parkinson’s was identified 200 years ago. The medication that is currently the gold standard was developed over 50 years ago. No wait! An ancient civilization in India identified what we now call Parkinson’s 7,000 years ago and they used a natural form of the medicine that we still consider the gold standard for treating Parkinson’s. So we have come a short distance in the last 50 years, as well as in the last 200 years, and a mighty short distance in the last 7,000 years. Currently Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the 2nd most prevalent neurological disorder after Alzheimer’s. In the United States alone, over 1 million people are living with PD now. 60,000 new cases are identified each year. But there is good news. It is possible to LIVE WELL with PARKINSON’S Disease.

Steve Quam was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 9 years and 4 months ago. And he’s the most symptom free that he has been in years. How can this be? The Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s has been providing free materials and seminars teaching people how to live well with Parkinson’s since 2004. Steve shares their philosophy and is an Ambassador for their Foundation. Research has shown that one of the most effective ways of dealing with Parkinson’s is EXERCISE.

Dr. Jay Alberts has done the pioneering research that proves the value of bicycling in dealing with Parkinson’s. This year the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s has joined Dr. Jay Alberts’ team of Pedaling for Parkinson’s. Steve will be joining their annual fund-raising ride across Iowa, as part of the larger bicycle event commonly referred to as RAGBRAI. This is the oldest annual continuing bicycle ride across any state.

Following that ride, Steve will go to Colorado to train for the Copper Triangle at higher altitudes than South Carolina or Iowa provide. An annual event for Steve the past several years, he will join the mass of bicyclists riding over Fremont Pass at 11,318 feet to Leadville, CO, the highest elevation city in the USA, then back to Copper Mountain via the grueling Vail Pass which is also over 10,000 feet (not to mention Tennessee Pass and Battle Mountain).

Thank you for being part of MY TEAM. Your support is vital to all those who battle Parkinson’s. Check out my link at SQPD.US