Veritas Partnership


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On behalf of the Finance Committee, the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Council, we are pleased to share some exciting news with you.  Veritas Preparatory School, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian school, has signed a 3-year lease with St. Matthew.

Veritas has been located in Augusta Road Baptist Church for the last several years.  As the school has grown and with the addition of grade levels, Veritas needed more space.  The school approached St. Matthew about the possibility of leasing our facilities to accommodate their growth.  Leadership among both organizations have been discussing an arrangement and agreed to terms which resulted in the signed lease agreement.

Sharing our space will be a new experience for us.  Nevertheless, we are fortunate to have a non-profit entity interested in our space and desirous to be a good steward of our space.

We are sure that many of you reading this will want to know more about Veritas and the lease agreement.  Accordingly, below you will find a few highlights and anticipated questions.


child writingQ: Who is Veritas?

Veritas is a non-profit classical, Christian, and University Model School.  As a classical and Christian school, Veritas teaches the liberal arts to its students, teaching them to be free people through the rigorous training of the body, mind, and soul.  As a Christian school Veritas aims those arts toward the cultivation of wisdom about God and his world, and towards the worshipful actin of loving Him and our neighbors.  As a University Model School, Veritas partners with families, helping them to disciple their children in 2-3 days at home, while providing the curriculum and structure of a school on the other 2-3 days at school.  Please feel free to visit the Veritas website:


Q: When does the lease start?

The lease begins June 1, 2017.


Q: Is there a St. Matthew point-of-contact for Veritas and questions related thereto?

Yes. Claire Winkler volunteered to serve as the Church’s representative for interactions with Veritas and questions related thereto.  Additionally, Lee Geddie and Lindsay Carrington are also available to answer questions related to the Veritas relationship.

Q: What rooms will Veritas use?

Veritas will use rooms in all three of our buildings.  They will use rooms upstairs and downstairs in the education building, rooms in the classroom areas of the sanctuary building and the gym building.


Q: Will any of the rooms change?

There may be minor changes to some of the rooms that Veritas uses, although Veritas is committed to being a good tenant and ensuring there is minimal interruption for the Church.


Q: Will Veritas be here all the time?

Veritas’ school schedule follows the school schedule for Greenville County, including a summer break and a spring break.  Additionally, as part of its model, Veritas students meet in a classroom setting three (3) days per week – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Q: Does Veritas plan to use the kitchen in the gym?

No.  The children, teachers and administration bring their own lunch and do not need to cook.


Q: How will this impact our preschool program?

The preschool program has agreed to adapt its schedule to accommodate Veritas.


Lindsay Carrington,
Chair of Finance

Lee Geddie,
Chair of Trustees