Vision Frame

“Uniqueness permeates God’s plan. From galaxies to sandbanks, fossils to snowflakes, each element is unique. God’s unrivaled creation soars with originality.” ~Max Lucado

This dynamic view of St. Matthew lets us be ourselves, leverage our strengths, and integrate our beliefs into our
lifestyle and decision making. Download the graphic as a PDF.


Strategy graphicOur MISSION:

Building life-changing relationships with God, one another, and our community.

This one simple sentence captures “the heartbeat” of St. Matthew. This is our mandate and our compass to guide us. This is what we, as St. Matthew, do.



Welcoming worship • Growing genuine relationships • Sharing life together  • Caring for our community

These shared convictions and strengths are what make St. Matthew special. Our values characterize our environment and should guide our decisions and actions by being the constant reminder of what is most important to our church.



Connecting worship, service, and learning

This illustration shows how our church plans to continually make disciples through worship,  learning, serving and connecting. This “map” is our strategic picture of how our activities, programs and ministries should all be connected and aligned. It demonstrates to members and newcomers alike, the simple pathways of involvement that builds life changing relationships.



The life of a disciple of Jesus is all about relationships: 

  • with the Father that is personal and daily
  • with one another that is connected and caring
  • with the community that reflects God’s love, power, and grace

This is how we know our Mission, Values and Strategy are successful. Measuring success with attendance, buildings and cash does not necessarily reflect the accomplishment of a church’s mission. Our success should be measured by how well we are supporting our congregation with their growth as Disciples of Christ.