Church Work Day

Date: Saturday, Oct. 31
Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

You are invited to bring some tools and a mask and join the St. Matthew All Church Work Day.

There is plenty of opportunity to get out of the house for some fresh air and exercise, enhance our St. Matthew campus and even maybe earn some school service hours!  Youth, adults and families are welcome. 

Check- in: 8:15 – 9a at the rear gym door.

Dress Code: gloves, long pants and long sleeves, closed shoes, MASKS…. Halloween accessories optional 🙂

Sign Up for Workday


Teams: we will have no more than 4 people in one area, but team leaders  may identify multiple work areas if enough people sign up.

  • Chainsaw Team – Jim Hopple leader
    Task: limb up trees throughout property to improve church visibility and appearance and to help plant growth beneath trees. No climbing trees or ladders required!
    Tools to bring: small chainsaws, power pruning saws with extensions, pole saws, blower for  clean  up

  • Planting Team – Mary Ann Stonoha leader
    Task: Transplant existing and donated plants to fill bedding areas.
    Tools to bring: Spades, trowels, buckets, watering cans, wheelbarrow, broom or blower

  • ‘Patch’ Cleanup – Marnie Cree leader
    Task: Move and store pumpkin patch materials and supplies. Clean area.
    Tools to bring: Hand truck, rakes, power blower, wheelbarrow

  • Weeding Team – leader needed
    Task: Remove small invasive weeds/ plants/ saplings from beds throughout property.
    Tools to bring: weeding sticks, snips, pruners, buckets.

  • Hauling Team – Don Smith leader
    Task: Pick up yard waste from all teams and move either to the dumpster or to the parsonage curb.
    Tools to bring: wheelbarrow, rakes, Don has one flatbed trailer, maybe someone with a truck?