“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.”

Why are we quoting the theme song from Cheers? (The younger crowd is saying “What is Cheers?” It was a tv show in the 80’s about a bar where the customers were made to feel like family.)

We want church to feel like family too.  St. Matthew does in so many ways but ONE BIG WAY to make that happen is to volunteer to lead Sunday school.

One of best results from leading children and youth Sunday school, is that by simply showing up and getting to know the young people, you make them feel important, connected and wanted.
Wow! All that before you even teach a lesson!

Please consider serving as a Sunday School leader.

No experience is required.  You will be supported in so many ways and lessons are provided. We rotate leaders so that you are free to attend your adult Sunday School class and take time off. Let’s give our children and youth a chance to connect with adults in our church.

Questions or want to volunteer?  Contact Cari @ ctreece@stmatthewumc.net.