Learning Opportunities:


Staying Connected

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St. Matthew Leadership Council

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St. Matthew Building Committee

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United Methodist News

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South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church

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Learning For Adults

Followers of all ages are encouraged to learn in ways that deepen and grow your faith.

Adult Sunday Morning Faith Groups

All Adult Sunday Morning Faith Groups are ongoing and meet in the Sanctuary Building from 10:00 – 10:45 am. Visitors are always welcome!

Young Adults

Room S-102 (Sanctuary Building)
Leader: Clint Henderson

We are young adults in their twenties to thirties who strive to discuss the unique challenges that young adults/couples/parents face in today’s world. We want to build friendships, support, and spiritual comfort for the next generation at St. Matthew.

Growing in Faith

Room S-103 (Sanctuary Bldg)
Leader: Edward Johnson

We are a welcoming group of thirty-forty somethings, who embrace the fact that we have actually grown up (a little) from our post college days. Our weekly lessons focus on dealing with busy lives from a Christian and Biblical based perspective. Raising children and teenagers, growing careers, and leadership roles in the church and the larger community guide our discussions. We have both kid-friendly and just-adult gatherings outside Sunday mornings.

Faithful Followers

Room S-107 (Sanctuary Bldg)
Leaders: Sarah Smith & Laura Bridgeman

We are adults (tend to be 50’s , 60’s and a few 70’s) who are growing in Christ and nurturing one another. We are couples and singles who enjoy being together! We have varied lessons promoting discussion and participation, taught by class members on a rotating basis as well as guest speakers. We meet from September through May, with social gatherings throughout the year. Our class is a support group for one another with a loving and caring spirit.


Room S-104 (Sanctuary Building)
Leader: Betty Davis

We are older adults who study both Bible studies and books that address social issues from a Christian perspective. There are quarterly social gatherings and numerous mission projects.


Room S-106 (Sanctuary Building)
Leader: Ellen Jordan

We are older adults who take our lessons from Bible Studies in the United Methodist International Series. The class gathers at a local restaurant for dinner and fellowship once a month.

Christian Fellowship

Room S-105 (Sanctuary Bldg)
Leader: Nancy Field

We are a friendly, caring group with concern for one another and comprised of seniors from age 70 to upper 90’s. From our classroom, you may take the elevator to the sanctuary for the worship service.

Learning For Youth

Youth Sunday School

Sundays • 10:00 am
Middle School Youth – Room FLC-202 (2nd floor Family Life Center)
High School Youth – Room FLC-203
(2nd floor Family Life Center)

We spend our time together learning what it is like to know who God is and how we can walk closer to him. There’s no formula for knowing everything about God, but there a few things you can do to get to know Him better.

Sunday Night United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF)

Sundays • 6:00-7:30 pm
Middle & High School Youth – Family Life Center

The goal of our youth program is to build relationships with St. Matthew students that foster their personal knowledge of, trust in, dependence upon, and love for Jesus Christ. Youth meet in the Family Life Center for a meal together, followed by fellowship and a program. Youth participate in group discussions, service projects, team building activities, games, and study issues of concern from a Christian perspective.

Learning For Children

Younger Children’s Sunday School

Infant Nursery • Room E-101 (first floor Educational Building)
Caregivers: Jessie Zettler, Brooke Prince

This nursery is available for newborns to approximately 16 months (or until they are able to walk well) during our Sunday morning services. The Infant Nursery is a peaceful space including an area with dim lighting so that infants may sleep in the cribs. This nursery is staffed only with women and has a nursing mother’s room so that moms can feel comfortable to nurse in private.

Toddler Nursery • Room E-103 (first floor Educational Building)
Caregivers: Valerie Gray, Lyuda Prince

This nursery is for walkers to age three. The toys and activities in this room are tailored for children this age. There is also an adjoining bathroom to accommodate children who are potty training.

What to bring:

Parents should bring the following items each time your child visits the nursery – a diaper bag, diapers, change of clothes, and a ready to use bottle or sippy cup. All items should be labeled.

Nursery Availability

The nurseries are available during all worship services, Sunday school, and Wednesday night programs. For church meetings or other Bible studies, the nursery will be available on an as-needed basis. We encourage you to bring your children with you to any family-oriented events. If you are unsure whether childcare will be provided, please call the church office to inquire or request childcare. The infants may be combined into the Toddler Nursery, depending on the number of children present.

2 & 3 Year Olds • Room S-105 (first floor Educational Building)
Teachers: Parents of our 2 & 3 year-olds rotate as teachers

Play and learn how Jesus loves me using Deep Blue Curriculum! Sunday school is available beginning the fall quarter after a child turns 2. The nursery staff will take your two or three year old child from the nursery to Sunday school or vice versa, depending on which service you attend.

4&5K • Room E-204 (second floor Educational Building)
Teacher: Bob Ground

Discover how Jesus lived using Deep Blue Curriculum and hands on experiences! In this fun classroom, children play and learn in a market place, house, carpentry station, and sand & water tables.

Elementary Children’s Sunday School

Our curriculum is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in a relationship with Jesus. Each week, elementary school students dig deeper into the Bible through activities, discussions and Bible study.

1st & 2nd Grade• Room E-206 (second floor of Education building)
Teachers: Doug & Jody Webb, Jessica Bilcliff & Bridgette Bagwell

3rd & 4th Grade• Room E-208 (second floor of Education building)
Teachers: Paul & Susan Brannon

5th & 6th Grade• Room E-210 (second floor of Education building)
Teachers: Laurin & Melissa Nocks, Lynn & Jeff Spicher


St. Matthew UMC Preschool

Come join us for an extremely loving, caring, Christ-centered educational experience for your pre-school aged children! We offer programs for ages 14 months to 4K. We follow a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. For more information, visit our Preschool page.