Small Groups

Small Groups

It is vital to be connected to other people. The Christian faith is rooted in the idea of community and working together to grow in our own faith practices.

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We are offering a variety of groups for a variety of ages!

Choose From These Small Groups:

Faith & Racial Equity (1st in the series) 

This is a repeat opportunity to take the class that was offered this past spring. Exploring Power & Privilege is an 8-week module that awakens groups to the economic systems, public policies, cultural norms, and hidden biases that empower some and oppress others. The first half of the module introduces a framework for understanding and recognizing racial disparities in power and privilege. The second half take a deeper dive into specific issues related to power and privilege, including affirmative action, the school-to-prison pipeline, the criminal justice system, and powerful biases in media representation. As with all JustFaith programs, participants will explore how their faith should inform their response to their learning and discern action steps for working toward racial equity in their own communities.


Faith & Racial Healing

This class is a new offering. Do you want to address racism in your faith community, but you don’t know where to begin? The eight-week program guides participants in telling the truth about the history of racism in the United States, that we might work toward true reconciliation with God and restoration with one another.


Faithful Families

This four-week study for parents identifies four values that are woven through Faithful Families and uses them as a framework for discussion. Each lesson features an article (that is free and online) as well as a Bible passage. Suggested practices from Faithful Families are outlined each week and also used in the closing prayer practice. The four sessions are:

  1. Embrace the Messiness and Imperfection of Life
  2. Fight Against Consumerism and Materialism
  3. Prioritize Time Together
  4. Value Mystery and Accept Doubt


Saving Grace

Saving Grace: A Guide to Financial Health helps people of faith create healthy relationships with money and possessions. Participants will move through six sessions covering such topics as saving, earning, giving, spending, and debt, along with helpful strategies for achieving a sustainable financial life. Adapted from the best-selling Freed Up Financial Living from the Good Sense Movement, this study is based on Wesleyan values and provides text and tools to help participants address life concerns and reach personal financial goals.


Making Sense of the Bible

In Making Sense of the Bible, Adam Hamilton invites us into an honest conversation about the Bible. The book begins with foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible written? Who decided which books made it into the scriptures and why? How literally must we read it? And, Is the Bible ever wrong? From there, Hamilton considers the real questions people frequently ask that continue to divide Christians and denominations alike, including:

  • Were Adam and Eve real people?
  • Why is God so violent in the Old Testament?
  • Why would Paul command women to “keep silent in the church”?
  • Is Jesus the only way to salvation?
  • How does God view homosexual people?
  • Is the Book of Revelation a guide to the End Times?

In approachable and inviting language, Hamilton addresses these often misunderstood biblical themes leading readers to a deeper appreciation of the Bible so that we might hear God speak through it and find its words to be life-changing and life-giving.


Women’s Study (will be one of the following books)

  1.  Get Out of Your Head – Are your thoughts holding you captive? Get Out of Your Head is a Biblical guide to discovering how to submit our minds to Christ, because how we think shapes how we live. As we surrender every thought to Jesus, the promises of God flood our lives in profound ways. Identify the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck. Understand the science behind why your thoughts can change your life. Recognize your God-given power to confront and overcome your toxic thoughts.
  2. Nothing to Prove  – Are you tired of trying to measure up? No more pretending. No more performing. No more fighting to prove yourself. As you wade into the refreshing truth of the more­ than-enough life Jesus offers, you’ll experience the joyous freedom that comes to those who are determined to discover what God can do through a soul completely in love with Him.


Treasured (repeat participants welcome!) 

This 6-Session Treasured study is designed for moms and daughters (age 9-13), or small groups of moms and daughters, to help them connect and talk about things that matter: Identity, Body, Emotions, Friendships, Technology, Faith. The “tween” years are a critical transition period in the life of a young girl. Girls this age are changing in profound ways. Loaded with fun activities and engaging content, Treasured will initiate meaningful conversation between moms and daughters during these critical preteen years.


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