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In early 2020, the St. Matthew Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), along with the blessing of the church leadership team, requested the appointment of an Outreach Pastor.

The Cabinet of the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church works prayerfully as a team to match the gifts of the pastors to the needs of the churches in appointments, which are fixed by the bishop at Annual Conference each year. At this time, we do anticipate an appointment to fill the role of Outreach Pastor.

What would an Outreach Pastor do at St. Matthew UMC?

The job of our Outreach Pastor would be to enact, and to organize and energize the congregation to enact, a comprehensive system of initiatives intended to:

  • better communicate the identity and ministry of St. Matthew to our community; and
  • support and expand our missions, and other efforts to interface with our community, with the goal of loving and serving others in Jesus’ name. 

The Outreach Pastor will help St. Matthew reform the whole shape of its whole ministry, and mindset toward ministry, from an “Attractional” (wait on people to find us and then serve them) model to an “Outreach” model (go and find people and serve them where and how we find them).

Read the full Job Description here.