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Younger Children’s Sunday School

Infant Nursery • Room E-101 (first floor Educational Building)

This nursery is available for newborns to approximately 16 months (or until they are able to walk well) during our Sunday morning services. The Infant Nursery is a peaceful space including an area with dim lighting so that infants may sleep in the cribs. This nursery is staffed only with women and has a nursing mother’s room so that moms can feel comfortable to nurse in private.

Toddler Nursery • Room E-103 (first floor Educational Building)

This nursery is for walkers to age three. The toys and activities in this room are tailored for children this age. There is also an adjoining bathroom to accommodate children who are potty training.

What to bring:

Parents should bring the following items each time your child visits the nursery – a diaper bag, diapers, change of clothes, and a ready to use bottle or sippy cup. All items should be labeled.

Nursery Availability

The nurseries are available during all worship services, Sunday school, and Wednesday night programs. For church meetings or other Bible studies, the nursery will be available on an as-needed basis. We encourage you to bring your children with you to any family-oriented events. If you are unsure whether childcare will be provided, please call the church office to inquire or request childcare. The infants may be combined into the Toddler Nursery, depending on the number of children present.

2 & 4 Year Olds (first floor Educational Building)

Room E-204 (second floor Educational Building)

Discover how Jesus lived using Deep Blue Curriculum and hands on experiences! In this fun classroom, children play and learn in a market place, house, carpentry station, and sand & water tables.

Elementary Children’s Sunday School

Our curriculum is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in a relationship with Jesus. Each week, elementary school students dig deeper into the Bible through activities, discussions and Bible study.

K5-3rd Grade (second floor of Education building)

4th & 5th Grade (second floor of Education building)