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What Is Beyond?

BEYOND is the name we have given to a two-year Generosity Initiative in which all donations go into a single fund. The gifts pledged during this initiative (2022 & 2023) will go first to fund the full cost of our ministry and missions. All further gifts will be used to fund our building project which, when completed, will help propel St. Matthew BEYOND what we have been and done as God’s church to this point in our history.

What is a one-fund approach?

A one fund approach is a comprehensive financial plan for St. Matthew which allows us to support all of our ministry needs over the next two years, including the repair and restoration of our Sanctuary facility. Traditionally, churches have asked their members to give, for a certain period of time, “over and above” their regular tithes and offerings to a capital campaign. Through the One Fund approach, St. Matthew is asking its members to raise their financial commitment up onto a new plateau, and maintain that commitment until they are able to step up to a new plateau of giving.

Our Goal: $3.85 Million Over Two Years

In order to fully fund the operating budget for 2022 and 2023 AND to complete the first phase of our master plan debt free, the following will need to happen:

  • $1.45 million given over the two-year period to fully fund the normal operating budget.
  • An additional $2.4 million given which would go directly to Phase 1.

What We Ask You To Do

  1. Over the coming weeks, make time on a regular basis to ask God to help you see BEYOND St. Matthew’s past and present, and to our church’s future.
  2. Next, prayerfully consider what financial steps you can take to help your church make a strong move into that future.
  3. Finally, plan to be present in Worship on our Commitment Sunday, November 14, to join with your fellow members who will be offering their gifts and pledges to move St. Matthew BEYOND!